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I bring music and wisdom to daily life wearing two hats – often at the same time.

The ‘Piano for Grown-ups’ hat :
Since 2004 I have been teaching alternative music lessons (piano, guitar, uke, autoharp, +) to hundreds of students from 4 years old to 84 years young in Apex, NC — by listening deeply to my students’ goals with music. As a result, my emphasis is on personal relaxation, meaningful interaction, and joy. No competitions or recitals, just a potluck party twice per year!

The ‘Florasabi Creative’ hat:
Florasabi brings ancient wisdom into daily life with new words, art, music and movement. To that second purpose I have trained as a facilitator, started a website (2009), and written books and other materials in use in 70 countries. My latest effort is called The Rhythm of Virtue (2018), a book and blog that offer methods to practice virtuous, positive thoughts, keyed to the rhythmic sounds and motions of daily life. Use these ideas to design your own ear worms and reset your internal playlist for more balanced and intentional living.

I’m Here For You

I want to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts and behaviors that undermine you and prevent you from living your purpose.

Do you know the right direction to take?

How can you find complete fulfillment in all that you do and be?

What’s your Life Purpose

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Are you struggling with an autoimmune disease (e.g. Lupus, MS, RA) and associated symptoms (e.g. fatigue, brain fog)? You could benefit from the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle… The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, or AIP, is a powerful strategy that uses diet and lifestyle to regulate the immune system while reducing the inflammation and giving the body the opportunity to heal. Collaborating with an AIP health coach gives you the support you need to go through the process (preparation phase, elimination phase at your own pace, re-introduction phase, etc), troubleshoot if needed and see amazing results.

I used it on myself, suffering from Hashimoto for more than 15 years, and within 6 months my auto-antibodies level decreased below the limit to be considered with the disease! My body is now able to heal! By decreasing my auto-antibodies and inflammation, I am also reducing the risk of developing another autoimmune disease.

If you are interested to start the AIP protocol, I am here to support you through all the process to achieve this goal and get your life back!

Award Winning Wedding + Family Photographer Leah Marie Photography + Stationery

Wedding Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, Thank You cards Leah Marie Stationery

Jewelry designer. Original. lightweight, handcrafted leather earrings Hooked on You co.

Faith blog: Lens of Faith

I am the state coordinator for TOPS-Take Off Pounds Sensibly. We are a non-profit weight loss support group that meets weekly in churches and community centers (any place that lets us meet at no charge). We have a confidential weigh in, nutritional information, group support and fun. Best of all, the cost is $32 per year.


Specializing in Estate Law and Guardianship.

Beard Law assists clients upon the death of a family member in probating wills and carrying out directives in paying estate claims, taxes and bequests to beneficiaries under wills and trusts.

Beard Law will prepare accounting’s to the court and other necessary court filings in order to make the probate process as clear and smooth as possible so that clients can focus on other important family matters.

Helping my clients meet their goals whether with future needs regarding their estate plans or helping probate an estate after a passing is something I really enjoy.


Damsel in Defense

Your life is worth the fight.
Safety has no “season”.

Tina and her her husband of 35 years have lived in Apex since the summer of 2005. They have two adult children, a son (and daughter-in-law) who live in Salisbury NC and a daughter who lives in Los Angeles.
Tina has extensive experience as a Certified Medical Assistant in the areas of Pediatrics and Mohs Micrographic Surgery for skin cancer. She became involved in Damsel in Defense 3 1/2 years ago as a part time associate. However, after a short time she realized how passionate she was about the company’s dedication to providing women with the information, confidence and tools they need to keep themselves and their families safe, as well as supporting local, national and international charities to aid those affected by rape, domestic violence and human trafficking. For these reasons she decided to commit herself to the mission full time in May of 2017 and continues on that path today.

Listening to others so as to provide them with a solution—–bra camisoles, clothing, discounts, added income, opportunities and/or a successful career –is my daily focus

Through Ruby Ribbon I provide functional, supportive and comfortable Women’s Shape Wear & Apparel, discounted products earned at Trunk Show Gatherings, and opportunities for an added money stream as an Individual Stylist.

Ruby Ribbon is a Bra Replacement Camisole that supports all size ladies comfortably. Targeted to women of all ages, we are committed to providing the best in clothing and personalized service to our clients–supporting confidence from the inside out.

I became a RR Stylist by uniting my business, leadership and personal coaching skills in an atmosphere of unlimited growth potential for those seeking opportunities.

Being a giving person, both personally and professionally, I enjoy seeing others thrive and grow; these are the foundations of the Ruby Ribbon Stylist Opportunity. Any self-disciplined, positively-motivated & service-oriented individual is qualified for this prosperous, growth-oriented career. Call, email or message me to find out more!

Click Here to Watch & Learn More About the Ruby Ribbon Opportunity


Opening Artistic Thirst arose from a desire of Marcia’s to use her creative talents in an atmosphere of fun and exploration. Being creative, both personally and professionally and enjoying seeing others tap into their creative side, are the foundations of Artistic Thirst. It’s a sip and paint studio and more. Art lessons are also offered for those wanting more than a fun time painting with friends…although there’s nothing wrong with that!

13200 Falls of Neuse, Suite 133
Raleigh, NC 27614


Marie was born in Ohio and attended private Catholic schools from kindergarten through college.  At Ursuline College, she completed a double major in English and Theatre and a minor in Secondary Education.  (That created a massive load of credit hours per semester!!) She earned her M.A. in theatre at Case Western Reserve University.  She is fond of saying that “a master’s degree in theatre and $3.50 will get you a regular cup of coffee almost anywhere.”  Following grad school, Marie performed with a professional improvisation company called The End Result Cult for about two years.

Marie taught English, speech, and theatre in private schools in Ohio for ten years.  Then, she became a property manager.  Consider the problem of snow removal for five apartment complexes and three strip shopping centers in Cleveland!  It is no surprise that she moved to North Carolina to enjoy the Carolina blue sky and Southern charm.

She then taught English and Theatre at Orange High School in Hillsborough for many years.  After retiring from the world of public school, Marie became the Production Manager  and Executive Assistant at  SA Brown Marketing Strategy.  She enjoyed the fast-paced world of tradeshow and event planning and is a member of Meeting Planners International.  For fun, Marie sings.  She is a member of the Durham Savoyards, sings in her church choir, and in the shower.

She is currently a part Earl Hadden’s team, The Small Business Success Project.  She is “jazzed” about helping small business owners prosper.  Marie is one of the contributing authors of the Amazon best selling business book, 17 Legal Ways to Double Your Income.

Marie formed her own company, Marie Snider Speaks in early 2013.

Currently, Marie is speaking on the following topics:

  • Business Body Language to Increase Sales and Credibility
  • Tell Your Story so that People Learn to Know, Like, and Trust You
  • The Effective Thirty Second “Elevator Speech”

In October of 2016, Marie was a key speaker at the Excelerate Experience, a one day business conference at the NC BioTech Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.   In March of 2017, spoke at the Carolina Business Woman’s Conference.

Lydia Keeney is a life & business coach who gets so much joy out of helping others find processes that allow them to break free of bad habits, negative though patterns, and ways of living that do not allow growth. She specializes in four types of coaching sessions: Career Coaching, Coaching through Transition, Life Coaching & Creative Coaching
Lydia is also owner of Gifted Ear Music Studio where she reverse engineers music instructions by teaching students how to play the piano before learning how to read music.  She teaches remote, group & private lessons. She just published a practice journal to help music students form better practice routines. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles – “3 Month Practice Journal”.
In her free time, she hosts a podcast called Dialectable Pod



After living in Europe for 17 years, Mari moved to North Carolina in 2005. She has over 20 years of experience as a scientist in the US and Europe in the fields of human and animal health.

In 2013 she left the laboratory and corporate world to become an entrepreneur.

She has a portfolio of health and wellness options for people and their pets.

Do you need to get individual instruction in beginning French or English/ESL?
Or maybe your child/children need some private tutoring for school or enrichment? I provide a productive, comfortable environment for learning at any age, from elementary to adult learners. I can meet at a local library, coffee shop, at your home or online! I also work with small groups, elementary to adult – at your convenience  There There are SAT prep classes with a math professional to help with English/Math prep for the 2018 year – check out my site for more info – http://www.carytutor.com.
Never stop learning and growing! Let me know how I can help YOU!

Check out post with Laural in it:

Laural Archer


If searching in The Triangle and its surrounding areas makes you feel like you are running around in circles then let me assist you with all your realty needs. Bringing extensive knowledge of the real estate market to the table, I offer my clients an outstanding level of service. Prior to earning my Realtor license, I worked over 20 years in the finance and brokerage business. Working in that field required perseverance, tenacity, honesty, fairness and negotiation, as well as, fine tuning my communication skills to work with a diverse customer base. It also demanded superior organizational and observational skills and the ability to work and re-work numbers and budgets for the benefit of my clients.


Kalusion Health & Harmony supports Superwomen carrying the weight of the world to identify your life’s cravings (health, wellness, personal, family, business, and career goals), and help you burst through the glass ceiling to make them a reality, so you can have the imperfectly amazing life you CRAVE!






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Club Z! In Home Tutoring Services

Hope Ethington, MSOM, Club Z!

Area Director is starting her fifth year with Club Z! In Home Tutoring. Hope spent over twenty years working with children and people with disabilities in the nonprofit arena as a program director, trainer and human resources professional. She
  • has a Master’s in Organizational Management,
  • is a former SHRM Professional in Human Resources,
  • successfully completed NCSU’s Executive Coaching Program and
  • is a presenter for the Better Business Bureau’s “In Pursuit of Ethics” program.
In 2013, Hope joined Club Z! seeking to make a difference in the lives of children in Cary, Raleigh, Apex and Morrisville.
Lyndah Tello profile pic.jpg

I am the Founder of the 1099 Ladies No Cost Networking Group because I greatly value relationships. I have worked in a great many industries at this point in my life. I started out on Wall St in NYC, was a teacher for 10 years, was a CNA (certified nursing assistant), managed a home health agency, sold professional cleaning services, was an independent licensed financial advisor, and have worked in a couple of banks now. Needless to say I have a large network of friends and acquaintances, I am sure I know someone who wants to meet you!

Let’s meet, I would love to give you a few referrals, reciprocate if you can, and build a friendship!

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Lyndah Tello


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